Check-exec is a Python extension to GDB aiming at checking runtime properties inside the debugger.

It lets a developer debug their program by writing properties and have their debugger find the moment when something goes wrong. Then, the developer can look into it using the debugger in the way they are familiar with.

1 Documentation

You can take a look at the documentation.

2 Papers

You can look at the slides for both the COMPAS'16 paper and the master thesis report.

3 Video

You can watch a short video in which check-exec is used to detect an overflow in a producer-consumers toy program:

4 Download

To download check-exec, use Git:

git clone

Check-exec is currently under the Mozilla Public Licence, though we might switch to GPL at some point.

5 Experiments

You can check experiments and evaluations done on check-exec here.

6 Contributions, Suggestions, ideas

Any patch or suggestion is welcome. Please contact us, we will be glad to hear about you.

7 Contact & Credits

7.1 Author:

7.2 Supervisors: